Xbox Gaming Console – The Bottom Line

Xbox gaming console is the first gaming console manufactured by Microsoft. It is also the first gaming console offered by an American country after the ending or Atari Jaguar in 1996. It was released on 15th November 2001 in North America, then on 22nd February 2002 in Japan, and 14th March 2002 in Australia and Europe. Xbox 360 was its successor, launched in 2005. Xbox badly damaged the sales of its contender Sony Play Station. Before the launch of Xbox, Europe and Asia was totally occupied by Play Station.
Xbox captured the markets of Asia and Europe but unfortunately it was failed in Japan. Xbox had many advantages over Play Station. It was the first and only gaming console which had an internal hard disk for storing the games and saving the data. It was also the first gaming console who introduced Dolby Interactive Content-Encoding Technology. It wasn’t only gamming thing but a complete life. Xbox had the best Operating system which was believed to be the renovated version of Microsoft Windows 2000 Kernel. It had wireless remotes with shocking devices in them. It allowed the player to sit at distant place from where his eyesight also couldn’t be damaged. Then after that Xbox also introduced Xbox Live. It allowed players to play online with other players from the different parts of the world while staying at their own home. Users could also download games from Xbox Live Online Market. Games could also be updated through the internet. Play Station had advantage over it because their users did not need to pay for it but Xbox users needed to pay for it.
After their success, Xbox also suffered through different controversial cases like UK banned their advertising on their TV channels because people reported it as a very violent, scary and upsetting especially for kids. But still Xbox is considered as the best gaming console by Microsoft.