Xbox Gaming Console: Facts and Realities

Games are part of life and give a complete source of entertainment to the game players. There are two classes of game players, the intermediate and the expert players. The intermediate game players tend to be general in their game selection abilities while the expert game players are quite interested in selection as well as the quality of that particular game. There is even an increase in the sales of these video games. Play station is also one of the best gaming machines and there is another machine which revolutionized the gaming industry. This Xbox is a video game console that is synthesized by the experts in Microsoft. Developers made this with immense hard work and this was released in November 15, 2001 and in 2002 it was available in all major parts of the world including the countries such as Japan and Australia. Sony’s PlayStation 2, Sega’s Dreamcast and Nintendo’s GameCube are considered to be the best competitors but overall the performance of Xbox gaming console is better as compared to all of these. This article will provide a brief intro of this gaming machine.
This gaming console allows the users to play the games on internet and it was the first one to compete with the Dream cast’s online service but later many of the companies plunged into the sector of online games. Xbox Live was later introduced and it devastated the online gaming experience and game players preferred it mainly due to the online gaming experience. You can even become interested to find out the best best-selling Xbox video game that is available for the game players. Hence it can be concluded that this gaming console gave a better competition to all of the above mentioned gaming monsters. It has been discontinued in many countries due to warranty issues but the company is aiming for the best in the near future.