Video Games and Their Benefits

Video game is a kind of human activity linked with user interfaces which derive visual response on a video device. Computers and video game consoles are regarded as platforms of video games, while video games are also played on any display device including handheld systems. Video games are played using multiple game controllers including single button or joysticks. Game controllers can be keyboard, joystick, mice gamepads etc. These game controllers are input devices which assist in managing these games. In previous decades arcade games are considered unique video games. But, now a wide variety of video games is available in the market like Mario games including multiple series, chess titans, purple palace, turtle odyssey, angry birds etc.
Video games were initially called T.V games. These games alternatively increase information and intelligence of players. Video games are divided into two types of games like casual games and serious games. Casual games also called entertainment games can be played on personal computer, television, PDAs, cell phones etc. Atari, play station are used for entertainment games. Serious games are played as a method to increase knowledge, information and learning experience. These games are also called educational, exercise and propaganda games that are built up from educational software.
In modern age games are now considered passing style. Children who have injuries and sickness are recommended to play games as video games can distract their mind from pain and discomfort. Decision making power of players and hand-eye coordination of players gets improved by these games. Moreover, creativity and math skills are also enhanced. Video games are also considered very helpful in physiotherapy when a kid has experienced any physical injury and these are also considered best option of manual dexterity.