Top 3 Indie Video Games

QWOP is known as one of the most difficult video games out there albeit probably the simplest. You are an athletic runner on a running track and each key represents a different part of the runner’s leg. Q and W work the thighs while O and P control the calves. This made sound pretty easy but is notoriously hard. To move even 1m is a great challenge. You just have to look at the hilarious videos of people on the Internet to fully appreciate how hard this game is!

2. Kerbal Space Programme
This game is insane! You design and build space ships, space stations and anything else you can think off. You can then (try) launch them into space and see what happens. This game has an incredibly good physics engine that displays amazingly accurate, near real life, reactions to forces. If you create a ship with too little strut supports or too heavy on one side, then your ship will crash and burn spectacularly. Some users have managed to launch space stations and even missions to mars. There doesn’t seem to be anything this game can’t do.

3. Minecraft
Minecraft has set itself as probably one of the most successful indievideo games ever made. While the graphics are simple the gameplay certainly isn’t. People have created working calculators, computers and video screens in this game. The scale of this game is immense. 4,722,366,482,869,645 km2 is the actual size of the game map! The possibilities in this game are almost limitless. You just have to see the sheer amount of YouTube videos about this video game to truly appreciate the following that it has.