Features of Xbox one

The Xbox Gaming Console
The Xbox game console is a video game product which is created by the Microsoft. It consists of a chain of the video games consoles. The consoles are with the application, the online service of Xbox live and the streaming services.
The Xbox video game console was released in North America on November 15, 2001 and in Japan it will be released on February 22, 2002, and in Australia and the Europe 14th of March, 2002.
The Xbox game console is created to run in a low-powered state. That means the system, the games; the apps and the games are ready to be played and current. There is no need to wait for the updates now and a constant connection is not needed. The Xbox One is designed in such a way to validate if the application, game or system updates are required.
The Features of Xbox One
• The CPU: APU, 8 cores, little power x86-64 AMD
• The GPU: 1.23TFLOPS, AMD Radeon, APU
• Its Memory is: 8GB and 5GB presented for games
• The Storage is : 500GB
• The Optical Drive: the Blu-ray
• The Communication: the Ethernet, Bluetooth® 2.1
• The Output: the Optical audio, with HDMI apps
• The Microsoft portrays the Xbox as the absolute best system of entertainment for one generation. The second generation of Kinect scorched deep and with the powerful specs which are similar to Sony PS4.
• The releasing date of the Xbox one
• The official releasing date of Xbox is November 2013 in the US and UK.Whereas in other countries in Christmas season it will be launched.
On Xbox One user could play offline games on their primary console for about 24 hours.
Xbox one is completely new in look than Xbox 36.A complete new approach has been taken by the Microsoft. The new design reflects its capability in this entertainment system.