A Gaming experience with the Xbox gaming console

For people who are ardent fans of gaming, the Xbox gaming console is probably one of the finest and sleekest gaming consoles on the market today. This console is admired by very many people and even those who are big fans of other console types admit that this is one of the best there is. Manufactured by Microsoft, this console was first put out to the market in 2001. At the time, Microsoft was simply trying to break into the gaming console world. With time, various modifications and upgrades occurred and today the console stands out as a trend setter among the numerous consoles on the market.
This Xbox gaming console was actually the first console to have a hard disk drive that was built in. This meant that one could be able to save and also download whatever they wanted to download from the Xbox Live. This led to the removal of the memory cards that were originally separate. A person with this console could also be able to enjoy other services like ripping music off of CDs and onto the hard drive of their console. The music that was ripped off these CDs was often used as the gaming soundtracks.
To fight the battle against hackers, there are some modifications that were made to the Xbox gaming console and these included a number of internal hardware revisions. Hackers are known to update modchip designs to be able to beat them and so Microsoft has been keen to develop some kind of technology to counter this. Also, some changes that were added included increasing the reliability of the DVD-ROM and basically improving the functionality of the console. These changes have continued to keep the Xbox at the front while other consoles can only follow from behind. The gaming experience one will have with the Xbox is one they cannot forget.